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Kite Park League

About the
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The KPL is the official championship tour for the world of kite boarding. This small band of hooligans have been pushing kiteboard park riding for years, drawing inspiration from other board sports like wakeboarding and snowboarding. With the growing number of parks and events, they decided to create an overall championship title that encompasses the major kite park contests around the world. Since 2016, the Kite Park League Champion has been the steeziest, gutsiest, most technical kiteboarder in the World.

The tour is hosted at a multitude of locations around the globe and stop #1 lands in our hometown of Hood River, Oregon. The KPL hired JL media to create three recap videos documenting the riding, lifestyle, and memories as the event unfolded. Each recap was created within a 48 hour window so that spectators around the world could watch the action in real time.

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