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"to the mountains"

About is a globally recognized brand and the kingpin of their class. This company exists to take the headaches out of ski travel and get you onto the slopes as effortlessly as possible. In early 2019, Ski.Com put out a campaign labeled "The Epic Dream Job", where they were to hire a creative to travel the world and document the best ski resorts our planet has to offer. Believe it or not, Jackson Lebsack was the sole winner of the entire competition beating out over 1,200 other applicants. Jackson embarked on an unforgettable, but work extensive, 2 month world tour where he collaborated with the Epic Pass and created a documentary series on 18 of their top notch resorts sprinkled throughout the globe. Throughout this job, Jacksons work was shown to the world and he was covered by many mainstream media outlets including "Travel and Leisure" and "Ski Magazine".

"dude. you are absolutely crushing these videos... I'm so excited about all of them."

- Dan Sherman, Director of Marketing

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